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  • 30 aprile 2015

    No more brothers: “Afrophobia” in South Africa

    south africa xenophobia copy

    After a declaration released by the Zulu King, the country is experiencing new xenophobic attacks against its “foreign nationals” “Foreigners must pack their bags and go home”. These words have been pronounced by Goodwill Zwelithini, King of the South African Leggi il resto

  • 10 marzo 2015

    La Cina e l’imperialismo silenzioso in Africa

    china colonialism in africa

    L’intesa miliardaria di Addis Abeba accorcia le distanze tra Cina e Africa, suscitando ulteriori perplessità sugli interessi di Pechino Il 27 gennaio scorso Repubblica Popolare Cinese e Unione Africana (UA) hanno sottoscritto ad Addis Abeba un memorandum d’intesa per la Leggi il resto

  • 8 febbraio 2015

    Nigeria, time to show your face (part 1)

    boko haram

    The country is preparing for the Presidential elections while suffering from a strong socio-economic division and its maddest result: the threat of Boko Haram Also thanks to the outbreak of the IS over the Western world, it looks that all Leggi il resto