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  • 27 settembre 2015

    L’Unione Europea e il (non) problema immigrazione


    Siamo tutti portati a pensare che l’immigrazione in Europa sia un problema da risolvere. E se invece così non fosse? Un’analisi dati alla mano. Hotspot, quote, meccanismi permanenti, e ancora, asilo politico, status di rifugiati, flessibilità dei conti. Il nodo Leggi il resto

  • 30 aprile 2015

    Iran Deal: the ambitious role of the EU


    The framework deal over the Iranian nuclear resources is the result of the joint effort of several international actors. Among them, the EU has been able to exploit the situation to give more legitimation to its role as an international Leggi il resto

  • 29 aprile 2015

    Italy, Europe and the struggle with migrants

    Lampedusa migrants

    After the additional tragedy in the Mediterranean, it deems as necessary to stop conceiving the immigration from areas of crisis as an occasional emergency, and to start classifying it as a structural problem, first of humanitarian than of political nature. Leggi il resto

  • 18 marzo 2015

    Mare Nostrum or Europa Nostra?

    triton_mare nostrum

    Between Triton and Mare Nostrum: an insight on the current operations at sea, their aims and effectiveness “Each individual has to right to be saved at sea” and ”European countries cannot ignore these tragedies” said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Leggi il resto

  • 14 novembre 2014

    Is Eastern Europe bowing to Russian power?


    Not only Ukraine: many Eastern European States are now leaving the Western side to embrace Russia again. How and why this is happening. According to the Washington Post, ten years after the greatest NATO expansion, Vladimir Putin might be trying to overturn Leggi il resto