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  • 31 maggio 2016

    Brussels attacks: why terrorists target Belgium


    Why terrorists have attacked Brussels? Merely because it is the core of the European Union and represents Westerns values?  An explanation beyond the “clash of civilizations”. Samuel Huntington’s masterpiece Clash of Civilizations is often quoted nowadays to explain why and how Leggi il resto

  • 21 marzo 2015

    Clash about Civilisations


    Huntington foresaw in 1996 the scenario of 2015 When Samuel Huntington published his book, the world was exiting the Cold War, the need for a rebuilt in the international society was a necessity. He told us that this renewal could lead Leggi il resto

  • 8 febbraio 2015

    Nigeria, time to show your face (part 1)

    boko haram

    The country is preparing for the Presidential elections while suffering from a strong socio-economic division and its maddest result: the threat of Boko Haram Also thanks to the outbreak of the IS over the Western world, it looks that all Leggi il resto